Online talk_v2

During this online talk: 

You'll learn how to simply and securely create, deploy, and scale an enterprise streaming platform using Apache Kafka and Apache Flink, and the differences between using technologies like Apache Spark. You will learn how to enable groups within your organization to easily consume these streams of data. Additionally, you’ll discover how to easy it can be to write stream processing code that enables your broader organization to more effectively interrogate and benefit from streaming data—all without spending scarce time to deploy or manage the streaming data platform itself.

Kenny Gorman, co-founder and CEO of Eventador, will provide real-wold examples for how organizations can enhance their streaming data programs by:

  • Quickly and easily deploying stream processing applications using the Apache Flink API.
  • Utilizing Apache Kafka to feed stream processors and manage timestamps using the Kafka Connector.
  • Performing filter, group, and computations on your data via SQL. 
  • Using simple and powerful security controls with Eventador's Enterprise Streaming Platform.
  • Discussing common pitfalls and limitations of traditional streaming platforms.