The Streaming Data Engine for Killer Applications 

Learn more about how Eventador unlocks the ability to quickly build streaming applications by combining the power of Continuous SQL with Apache Kafka by enabling you to:

  • Build streaming jobs using ANSI compatible SQL
  • Define Materialized Views on streams using SQL
  • Query Materialized Views via RESTful endpoints
  • Deploy serverless, stateful streaming jobs directly into your cloud account
  • Wrangle complex data types (AVRO, JSON) with ease
  • Scale and support the growing demands of enterprise streaming data.

"Streaming data is core to our business. Eventador SQLStreamBuilder gave us the capability to ingest complicated feeds at massive scale and perform production-quality, continuous SQL jobs against them. This was something other competitors just couldn’t achieve—and it’s a complete game-changer for us."

Chris Ferraro, CTO and VP of Engineer, Digital Assets Data